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Rahne Walk Cycle animation
I said, I’d do some animation with her before moving on to something different and I have. There are probably a brazillion number of problems with this 16 frame walk cycle but it’s the first time I’ve ever made a walk cycle with a rig 100% my own and I’m pretty rusty with animation in general. She could have turned out worse, of course I could always do better but it is what it is. What do y'all think? 
Bulma Rig Turntable

Finished my Bulma character rig for my Seven Star Re-Animate entry. It’s far from a perfect rig but it’s my first serious attempt at a character rig in over a year and I should be able to get the lip sync and necessary poses completed with it. But yeah, there are definitely dome issues with her, For example her eyes cannot quite close all the way without some serious monkey business. For a free-styled head rig though? I’m amazed that most of what I went for worked.

Now to start animating her for my actual Dragonball shot. It’s a fairly simple shot and lip sync so I’m not too worried, gonna go for it after one last inspection.

Made in autodesk maya.

Bulma Animated Turntable

Turn table of my final model and textures for Bulma from “Dragonball” for the Seven Star Re-Animate Project. The textures are pretty simple but I don’t think they have to be that fancy for my shot, admittedly it is a closeup but I don’t think I need to worry.

As you can see the turn table also comes with a desaturated version. Thinking of maybe going for a more black and white final animation and wanted to see how they looked together. What do you think?

Now I have to re-acquaint with my old friend rigging, and then I shall animate.

Rahne Turntable

Gave Rahne here some quick diffuse texturing. Applied to a toon shader and with the help of an AO I think it turned out decently. The Coat was originally supposed to be a nice dark grey with some dark reds to it but then I realized I wasn’t modelling Asami Sato. Lol. She turned out decently enough.

Done in Autodesk Maya, zBrush, and photoshop.

Rahne Test by DaveBaldwin3D
Rahne Test

Ambient Occlusion render of my character “Rahne” that I’ve been working on. I’ve been wrestling with the hair for most of the week but I think I have something that works. It’s a bit “colonial” for what is meant to be a modern character but I like the style of jacket and I think the braid turned out alright. The texturing should remove any old timey-ness hopefully. In any case I may still try some new hairstyles.

Hair is definitely a week point for me in modelling so I reckon the more I’m at it the better I’ll get.

Not sure how much time was put into her at this point but most of the past week has been failed hairstyling.

Hi, it's Dave here,

I know I don't write journals much. Pretty much only whenever I have a new demo reel whipped up actually. As you may or may not know I spend a lot of time contributing my efforts to a game design collective I'm a part of.

The Duneworld and I have worked together to make several games over the past year and I thought to finally show them off. Some of them are more prototypical than others and may be rough around the edges but I think some are worth showing off finally.

-Splittra: Fast paced shoot 'em up game in which you control a spaceship capable of dividing itself into four separate ships. This game ending up only being a proof of concept level but we think that there was something to it.

-VIDdEO: Eerie, tank like controls with a unique four armed themed inventory system. Surreal, uncomfortable and creepy. Short but sweet it constitutes a very full experience. Got us some attention from PC gamer which was rad.

-Over My Dead Body: Action puzzler in which you simultaneously control a ghost and her zombified corpse as you must seek revenge on your former place of employment "Mortiga Consolidated." Seven levels long but fair warning this is a very difficult game. Prepare to fail before you succeed. Dying is a part of the experiment.

-OPOID: Our most recent and most abstract collaboration. Navigate two toned mazes as an amazing mechanical man with a propeller. Created for the most recent Global Game Jam. When one door closes, another opens.

We have made several other games over the past year, some of them not so worth showing off but you can find them all at our Tumblr and Gamejolt pages.
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