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Idle Test Renders

Rendered off some simple weight-shift idle animation for my two most recentcharacter rigs. Not really sure if I’m gonna put them in a reel though. I reckon they do the job when paired with a turntable wire frame shot but I dunno. They’re both sped up for the purposes of the .gif. They’re both 10 second idles.

As you can see I re-textured the Supergirl model. Just decided to give her some Canadian colour for fun. I call her Maple Lass but there are probably better names out there.

Supergirl Texture test by DaveBaldwin3D
Supergirl Texture test

Working on Diffuse textures. Have to be more mindful of some of the seams in the UV map but she’s coming along. Not sure If I’m gonna end up using normal or spec maps.

I think you can still see the Brian Ching design in her but the concessions I made were numerous. A better artist may have been able adapt it into 3D more faithfully.

May rig her up before I call the textures done. The UVs aren’t bad so it’s an option at least.

EDIT: Lighting tests with normal and specular maps.  May alter the bump/normal map to have the red on the emblem extrude out a bit but otherwise I think she’s as good as she’s gonna get.

Calling her done for good. Rigged up some decent facial controls with some new joints and a couple of blend shapes, shaped the legs a little bit as some felt they looked funny, and with the help of a dozen influence objects her body should retain much more definition when deforming.

She’s not perfect but I gave it my all and can always come back to it if I feel the need to do major adjustments. Just wish I was able to get it closer to the Brian Ching design as originally intended.

It was more rigging practice than anything and in that regard I would call it a smashing success. Tried a lot of new things and I think I learned a lot from them. That’s kind of where I’m focused right now anyway. Gotta keep the character models coming for it however.

Finished Marie Rig by DaveBaldwin3D
Finished Marie Rig
Finished the rig a few days ago and thought to render off some poses to: A). Test the rig, and B). Work on my horrid character posing. These were about the best of the bunch from over a dozen. 

The rig feels pretty nice aside from the right hand but that was a modeling issue. Tried blendshapes for the first time in a while, could have done them better but I think they give me enough facial control. The Influence objects I threw onto the: Elbow, Knee, and shoulder joints are doing their job as well. I like how she turned out. 

Still have to learn to light scenes better. 

Commission Info:
Marie turntable

Finished up the diffuse textures for “Marie.” So I decided to render off a turntable to see how she feels. 

I think she turned out alright. I sure as heck took my time with her anyway. In any case unless I’m calling the model/texture done so I can get start the rig as well as other things that need doing.  But knowing me I’m going to hate her when the rig is all said and done.

Didn’t get the job I had the interview for a week and a half ago, kind of a bummer but not much I can do about that. Would have been nice though.

And because commissions have never closed here be that info.

American Sk8land

My first Gameboy Advance game, textures provided by the existing Cartridge.

Struggled to find a second model to do today so I just made a quick texture and render of “Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land.” 

Just a fun, little project I guess. It was a good game IIRC.

Commission Info:


Cut together a brand new demo reel today. Lord knows I’ll probably end up feeling dissatisfied with it by nightfall but right now? I think it came together nicely. Will hopefully send it out to a few places before the day is done.

You can check it out here on youtube and vimeo.

But hey, whether or not this takes me anywhere I’m still open for Commissions.

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